Codex Alimentarius 291/2010

The CODEX STAN 291-2010, PARAGRAPH 7.1:- 


7.1.1   For the Acipenseridae family, the name of the food shall be “caviar” or “caviar” completed with the usual name (Beluga for Huso huso, Ossetra for Acipenser guldenstaedtii and Acipenser persicus, Sevruga for Acipenser stellatus), in accordance with the law and custom of the country in which the product is sold, in a manner not to mislead the consumer.

 7.1.2   For sturgeons having no common names, the name may be supplemented with the identification code or the scientific name of the species in accordance with Annex A.

7.1.3   For hybrids the common name shall be supplemented with the word hybrid, and the parent sturgeon species may be shown according to Annex A.

 It must therefore be noted that said Standard proves to be completely unqualified, incompetent and furthermore, contrary to CODEX’s own assertions, devoid of any scientific evidence. Said Standard is consequently wholly misleading, having neither ever been legislated, be it within the EU and / or any other nation, for that matter. Particular Standard therefore transpires to be a worthless “Draft Standard”.

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